The NSNP Skilled Worker stream helps employers hire workers whose skills may be in limited supply in the province. Often, employers are unable to find Canadian citizens or permanent residents with the needed skills. The stream helps employers recruit and retain immigrant workers with the required skills for these positions.

This stream is employer driven. The Skilled Worker must have a guaranteed, full-time, permanent job offer in Nova Scotia from an employer before submitting an application to the NSNP. The NSNP will only consider certain types of jobs and occupations to approve for nomination.

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Provincial priorities may change as skill shortages are identified or met by permanent residents or Canadian citizens. Priority will be given to Skilled Workers whose employers:

  • have made a genuine effort to recruit qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • can demonstrate that they will provide additional supports to assist newcomers with their settlement needs
  • have an acceptable strategy to recruit and retain immigrant workers in Nova Scotia

To be eligible to apply to this category, the Skilled Worker must:

  • have legal status in his/her country of residence
  • wish to settle permanently in Nova Scotia
  • have sufficient settlement supports
  • have a permanent, full-time job offer in Nova Scotia from an established Nova Scotia business.
    • The job offer must provide compensation in the form of a salary and benefits package that meets provincial employment standards and prevailing wage rates
    • Priority will be awarded to positions with minimum salary in excess of $10.00/hour or a minimum annual wage in excess of $20,000 Canadian dollars
  • be sufficient to retain the Skilled Worker in Nova Scotia and does not contravene existing bargaining unit agreements or any employment disputes
  • have the qualifications, training or transferable skills, work experience, and licensing or accreditation required for the job or a suitable plan to obtain the necessary
  • meet the minimum criteria for age, education, work experience, and language ability requirements for this stream