New Brunswick recognizes that immigration is a source of skills, entrepreneurship, expertise, international links, and capital, which create additional employment and investment. Through the Provincial Nominee Program, New Brunswick actively seeks qualified immigrants who will fill labour market shortages, or create employment and business opportunities here.

To be considered for nomination by New Brunswick, applicants must have a guaranteed job offer in their intended occupation or an approved plan to do business in New Brunswick.

To be considered for nomination as a skilled worker under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, you require a permanent, full-time job offer from an established New Brunswick company. The job must meet provincial employment standards and offer comparable industry rates of pay. In most cases, the skills offered by the potential immigrant are not readily available in New Brunswick and employers must demonstrate that they are having difficulty finding these skills in the local job market.

As an applicant to the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, you must make a commitment to settle permanently in New Brunswick and are required to sign a declaration stating your intention to live and work in this province. Provincial Nominees are likely to see their application for immigration to Canada processed expeditiously.