The MPNP General stream is for skilled workers who can be assessed enough points in each assessment factor and who can demonstrate their intention and ability to establish successfully and permanently in Manitoba. The assessment factors are explained below.

  To be eligible to apply under the General stream you must provide one of the following:

  • proof of a close relative in Manitoba *
  • two affidavits of support (MAS), each completed by a close friend or distant relative in Manitoba **
  • proof that you have previously worked full-time in Manitoba for at least six months
  • proof that you completed an educational program in Manitoba of at least one academic year (excluding language-training programs)
* Applicants with close relatives in Manitoba should only apply to the General stream if they do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Family Support priority assessment stream.

** You may apply with the support of members of a Manitoba ethnocultural community organization provided that they know you personally and sign affidavits of support (MAS). This may demonstrate that you have "family-like" support to help you adapt to life in Manitoba.

  Skilled workers who apply under the General stream will be considered for nomination if they can satisfy the MPNP that they:

  • can be assessed sufficient points for nomination
  • have the training, work experience and language ability necessary for long-term employment in Manitoba (including any licence or certification required in your country of residence)
  • have demonstrated a clear ability and intention to establish permanently and successfully in Manitoba

Your application will be assessed points according to age, education, work experience, language ability and adaptability. You must score at least 55 points, as assessed by a MPNP program officer.