You are eligible to apply under the MPNP Family Support priority assessment stream if you can demonstrate that you:

  • have a close relative who is an established resident of Manitoba and who is willing and able to support your settlement in the province.

  • meet our minimum requirements for age, education, work experience and language ability

Family Support stream minimum requirements

Age You are between the ages of 21 and 49.
Education/training You have completed post-secondary education of at least one academic year and received a diploma or certificate.
Work experience You have at least two years of full-time work experience within the past five years.
Language You have enough English or French to get a job in Manitoba in your intended occupation soon after you arrive. For an objective assessment of your English skills take an IELTS test (International English Language Testing System) and submit your score with your application.
Adaptability You can demonstrate your intention and ability to establish successfully in Manitoba based on your:
  • connection to Manitoba, including settlement supports from family
  • employability, based on your training and work experience related to your intended occupation, including any licence or certification required in your country of residence
  • settlement funds: Applicants should have at least C$10,000 plus C$2,000 for each accompanying dependant. (If you don't have enough money you may apply with the support of your close relative, as explained below.)

Who is a close relative and what must they do for you to apply under the Family Support stream?

  • A close relative is defined as a mother/father, son/daughter, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, grandparent or first cousin.

  • You must include with your MPNP application documents showing how you are related to your close relative.

  • Your close relative must supply documents showing that he or she is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and has lived in Manitoba for at least one year.

  • Close relative must complete a Manitoba Affidavit of Support (MAS) form.

    • This form must be witnessed and signed by a Manitoba notary public or comissioner for oaths. (NOTE: It is illegal in Manitoba for a commissioner for oaths to charge money to witness this document. A notary public may charge a fee.)

    • If your close relative has supported the applications of other relatives for immigration to Canada she/he must give this information to the MPNP and must include the current address and employment status of the previously supported or sponsored person(s).

  • You must designate your close relative as your representative who is authorized to communicate with the MPNP if personal information needed during the application process.

  • If you cannot demonstrate that you have sufficient settlement funds (explained in the application kit) your close relative must complete the Declaration of Financial Support By Close Relative section of the Manitoba Affidavit of Support (MAS) form.